Informationen und Studien zum Thema Säure-Basen-Haushalt aus Medizin und Forschung.


Larissa Angeloco

Association between dietary acid load and serum Bicaronate in CKD patients

Timothy Arnett

Acid-base effects on bone cell metabolism

Rachel Arthur

The measurable clinical impact of alkaline supplementation

Judith Buhlmeier

Dietary acid load - also relevant for mental health

David Bushinsky

Correction of metabolic acidosis in patients with CKD

Bess Dawson-Hughes

 Acid-base balance-implications for bone and muscle

Lynda Frassetto

Acid-base and aging

Richard Hayhoe

Lingitudinal associations of dietary acid-base load

Enni-Maria Hietavala

Exercise-induced acidosis and dietary acid load-implications to performancek

Kuno Hottenrott

Alkaline Supplementation and exercise training with intermittent fasting

Ludovit Jurecek

Skin Disease and topical alkaline treatment

Martin Koliske

Importance of acide-base balance for synaptoplasicity

Tomas Koltai

The acid-base paradigm in cancer

Michelle Lopez

Dietary Potential renal acid load in children with chronic renal disease

Susan New

Does the skeleton play a role in acid-base homeostatasis

Caroline Passey

Acid and the kidney lessons learnt with chronic kidney disease

Stanislav Rapant

Impact of calcium and magnesium in drinking water

Ingegerd Rosborg

Causes of pH-imbalances in humans due to acid well water

Julian Seifter

Anion-gap acidosis

Annette Thaele-Franz

Ketone bodies during medical fasting

Ailsa Welch

The relevance of dietary acid-base load to sarcopenia